Kind Words From Our Clients

“I was having horrific pelvic contractions, lower back pain, and pelvic floor pain. I also experienced intense sciatic pain. I could not sleep, had restless legs, and was extremely depressed. I was bedridden and could barely walk, sit or stand without being in extreme pain. I was in and out of the ER and taking multiple medications. Since my treatment, my life is renewed. I can now perform the daily functions of life, whereas I was extremely limited before. The pain has diminished amazingly, and I can now engage in regular day-to-day activities. I have my life back!”


“Since I’ve been to Houston Spine and Sports Medicine my pain is much decreased and I am no longer taking pain medications. My sleep has improved, and I am able to walk farther and stand for longer periods of time. Before you decide to have knee surgery, try Houston Spine and Sports Medicine, this has been a blessing to me and my knee.”


“I had tendinitis in both of my shoulders. Sincere receiving treatment from Houston Spine and Sports Medicine my pain is lessened, and my range of motion is increased even with just one treatment. My doctor is a great and compassionate physician.”


“Prior to my procedure, I was not able to lift a gallon of milk due to my shoulder pain. I was considering shoulder joint replacement surgery. I am now able to live a normal life. I have told numerous people about Houston Spine & Sports Medicine. The doctors and staff are good, honest people!”


“Dr. L and his staff are awesome. They are very caring and helpful and will go to any length to help.”


“Pain in both my elbows was keeping me from working as a part-time farmer and it caused me great pain when simply lifting a glass of water. It was irrigation time and I couldn’t even pick up the pipes to move them. I tried other treatments and shied away from surgery, which left my friends with chronic pain. Within a matter of days following my first treatment on my elbow, I knew it was going to be a success! Today my elbows are pain free thanks to a great treatment plan and the awesome, caring staff at CSSPM who will go to any length to help.”

Farmer with Elbow Pain

Relief from Back, Shoulder, Hip Pain
“I’ve been coming to see the doctors here for years since 2004. I could hardly walk in that first appointment. My back was hurting more than you can imagine. The doctor that sent me said, “Go see what they can do for you at CSSPM”. That very first visit the Doctor gave me some shots and I felt much better even before I left the office. I was so excited about my treatment I took some cards and passed them out to lots of people. I must have talked to close to 50 people about CSSPM thru the years. I’ve had my back, shoulder and hip treated. I have to say the personal touch that you get at this clinic means so much to me and is very important when you are hurting. I call the docs here, “miracle workers”. They saved my quality of life and are one of a kind!”


Capt. Gene operates a fishing charter service near Houston.

Fisherman with Shoulder Pain
“I lead fishing excursions in East Matagorda Bay out of Sargent, Texas and my right shoulder became so painful that I couldn’t cast anymore.

I didn’t want to have surgery if at all possible. I had friends who had gone through surgery and followed their treatment plan to the letter only to lose all progress when their tendon tore again.

After my first consultation and prolotherapy injection, I was sore for several weeks, but my mobility and pain began to improve.

Now, two years later, I have full mobility and I’m pain free. I am one of CSSPM’s strongest advocates…. I recommended him to another client just this morning.”

–Captain Gene (visit Captain Gene’s website!)

My RIGHT knee had progressively gotten worse with no apparent cause, over 6 months.

Skier with Knee Pain
“My RIGHT knee had progressively gotten worse with no apparent cause, over 6 months. I had had to stop playing golf and using the treadmill for workouts due to gradually increasing pain. Sometimes sleeping with the leg in the “wrong” position, the pain would wake me up. Some morning I could barely lift my right knee while dressing. And balancing the right leg to put a sock on my left foot, was out of the question. The final straw was taking my family snow skiing and finding after getting there that I could not ski for the pain.

During my first appointment at CSSPM, the doctors did a thorough examination, gave me treatment options and literature about Prolotherapy. I decided on a series of Prolotherapy injections in my knees. As pain improved and progress was made, we decided on knee braces for when I skied again.

My knees are doing amazingly well. I had gotten to the point where I could not go up and down steps without holding the rail. Especially when going down, I had not confidence that my knees, especially my right one, would hold me. Now I am back to going up and down steps with vigor and without holding a rail. Not only that, but I have increased the weight on every leg exercise machine I use by about 30% over what I could do BEFORE the knee started hurting. The last two years, I went snow skiing again. This year I went skiing three times! I started going to the driving range and subsequently found I can play a full round of golf with no problem (my hands and shoulders were sore the first two times out after a 20-month layoff, but not the knees).”

– Tom

I am an endurance athlete and back in 2008, I had surgery on my meniscus.

Triathlete with Knee Pain
Leslie completed the Ironman Florida on November 6, 2010. The course was a 2.4-mile open water swim, followed by 112 miles on the bike, followed by a 26.2-mile run.

“I am an endurance athlete and back in 2008, I had surgery on my meniscus. Following surgery, scar tissue developed on one of the nerves in my knee resulting in a lot of pain. My physical therapist was the one who referred me to CSSPM. I was skeptical about prolotherapy at first, but I wasn’t running and wanted to get back to training soon. I had several treatments over the course of a couple of months and after each injection I found that the pain was going away, and I was getting my strength back. I am now running faster and stronger than before. CSSPM got me running again!”

– Leslie