At Houston Spine & Sports Medicine we believe that everyone has a sport to play so we aim to keep you in the game of life. From professional athletes to weekend warriors; from oil field workers to computer engineers to soccer moms; we believe each person needs an individualized treatment plan targeted for their specific injury or area of pain. It’s hard to play in the game of life if your body is under stress from injury or pain.


We use the latest orthopedic regenerative techniques to help encourage your own musculoskeletal healing which include your joint, muscle, tendon and ligament injuries and degenerative painful conditions. Some of the treatments we use on a regular basis include platelet rich plasma injections, and prolotherapy as well as other modalities.

We don’t just treat sports injuries, we also work with patients to help them improve and recover. We specialize in musculoskeletal pain including fibromyalgia and chronic degenerative joint arthritis pain.

You’ll find our staff caring and our specialty trained doctors take the time to really listen thoroughly, examine and carefully evaluate your specific problems, and develop a custom treatment plan to assist you in your recovery and healing process.

According to one of our patients through an independent survey: “I have never, ever had a doctor spend as much time listening to my complaints and concerns as this doctor. I have never felt rushed through the visit or that he is trying to get done with me so he can move onto the next patient. Our entire family now comes to Houston Spine & Sports Medicine.” See more testimonies here.