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tail bone pain in Houston, tail bone pain, coccyx pain, pain in coccyxDue to pain on your tailbone, are you unable to sit for prolonged periods of time and enjoy a good book or movie? The coccyx, also known as the tailbone, is the last segment of your vertebral column. It consists of three to five segments, or vertebrae, fused together and held in place with ligaments. Coccydynia is a condition in which pain develops in the tailbone.  Many of your activities of daily life require sitting, so pain and injury to the coccyx can be quite bothersome and frustrating.

The most common cause of coccyx injury occurs when falling upon your sitting bone. Coccyx injury can occur during childbirth, contact sports, repetitive straining on the coccyx (i.e. bicycling long distances, sitting in hard chair), and constipation. Women are more prone to Coccydynia because the female pelvis is broader, causing the coccyx more exposure. Men can also develop coccyx pain and injuries.

If you are experiencing pain in the coccyx that is keeping you from your favorite activity, Dr. Shaun Lehmann at Houston Spine & Sports Medicine is ready to help you. Our physician has years of experience diagnosing and treating Coccydynia. During your initial visit our physicians will complete a physical exam, gather medical history related to your condition, and determine if any diagnostic testing is needed. Advanced ultrasound imaging is available in our office to visualize the coccyx bone and aid in your diagnosis and treatments options. Our physicians will then review your diagnosis, answer your questions, and discuss which treatment options best fit your specific condition.

Many of your activities of daily life require sitting, so pain and injury to the coccyx can be quite bothersome and frustrating.

Non-surgical Treatment for Coccydynia Pain

Our physicians at Houston Spine & Sports Medicine are dedicated to treating musculoskeletal disorders, such as Coccydynia, with nonsurgical treatments that help restore the natural healing process of your body. Rarely are surgical procedures required for Coccydynia. Dr. Shaun Lehmann is well versed and has years of experience with the different advanced nonsurgical treatments including prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP) and musculoskeletal therapeutic laser. Call today for your appointment to start you on your path to improvement.

Common Diagnosis for Coccydynia Pain:

  • Coccyx Fracture
  • Coccyx Sprain
  • Coccyx Arthritis
  • Coccyx Ligament Injury
  • Degenerative Joint Disease

Coccydynia Treatment Options: