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New Cancellation Fee

Effective Immediately: Our cancellation fee is now $115. Please take note that any missed appointments or cancellations less than 24 hours in advance mean this is a balance on your account. Without taking care of this balance, you cannot schedule any further appointments. Our doctor is consistently booked out for a couple [...]

New Cancellation Fee2023-01-30T14:42:23-07:00

New Non-Refundable Down Payment

UPDATED 1/1/23 As we continue to grow, we need to ensure that there are available appointments to the patients that need it. After much consideration, we have decided to require a $115 non-refundable down payment per new patient appointment. These funds will be in your account to use towards a copay, deductible, treatment, [...]

New Non-Refundable Down Payment2023-03-29T14:35:06-07:00

Vitamin D & Covid-19

We have actually known for a very long time that it is important to prevent vitamin D shortage for bone health and wellness, cardio-metabolic health, and other purposes. Vitamin D is necessary to natural immunity and increases immune features versus viral illness. We additionally recognize that vitamin D has an immune-modulating result that can [...]

Vitamin D & Covid-192020-05-15T15:53:59-07:00


PRP for Knee Osteoarthritis – Study Shows Favorable Results Osteoarthritis is a common problem in older adults and is growing into a larger problem – the number of persons experiencing it is increasing. This is alarming because osteoarthritis is hard to treat and traditional therapies have been only partially helpful in reducing symptoms and [...]

Knee OA PRP2020-06-17T14:50:22-07:00

Perineural Injection Therapy

A New Treatment for Inflamed Nerves: PIT | The Woodlands, TX Some people with chronic pain are not candidates for joint replacement or PRP and stem cell therapy. Certain common problems such as trauma, arthritis, sports injury, overuse, occupational or surgical injuries can cause nerve injury. These patients may benefit from PIT, or Perineural [...]

Perineural Injection Therapy2019-05-09T12:33:45-07:00

Healthy Tips

Healthy Eating Tips to Survive the Holiday Season Category: Nutrition Diet, Healthy Eating, Holiday Nutrition, Nutrition The holidays are just around the corner and the excitement of family, friends and parties can derail even the most disciplined individuals.  According to the National Institutes of Health, eating during the holidays can add up to [...]

Healthy Tips2019-03-08T12:08:49-07:00

Motion is Medicine

At Houston Spine & Sports Medicine we believe that everyone has a sport to play so we aim to keep you in the game of life. From professional athletes to weekend warriors; from oil field workers to computer engineers to soccer moms; we believe each person needs an individualized treatment plan targeted for their [...]

Motion is Medicine2019-04-02T12:36:23-07:00
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